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35) The claudication distance or limit is defined as the distance walked before the patient experiences the symptoms of limb weakness and pain.
So at six months after intervention, a treadmill test was used to evaluate 61 individuals who were available for follow-up, on their absolute claudication distance, which is the distance at which the patient experiences pain with exertion to the point that he or she cannot continue walking," said Teijink.
The claudication distance (walking distance at which severe claudication occurs) can be used to assess the severity of claudication.
It is the only drug, when given at 50-100 mg twice daily, that has clinically proven benefits in improving claudication distance to date.
The placebo (n(equal sign)273) and Celacade (n(equal sign)262) groups were well balanced for all important baseline characteristics, including demographics, maximal treadmill walking distance (absolute claudication distance, ACD; 321 meters placebo, 303 meters Celacade), smoking history, concomitant medical conditions, and medications.
Similarly, there were no significant differences in the pain-free treadmill walking distance (initial claudication distance, ICD) between the two groups.
The impact of intermittent claudication on patients' mobility is measured both in terms of the distance a patient can walk without pain (initial claudication distance, ICD) and the maximum distance a patient can walk (absolute claudication distance, ACD).
Walking capacity, a secondary parameter defined by Initial Claudication Distance (ICD) was evaluated by a standard treadmill exercise test (see note 3) and showed a clinically meaningful increase with NCX 4016 compared to aspirin.
The Absolute Claudication Distance (ACD), which is the distance a patient can walk on a treadmill before being forced to stop due to leg pain, trended upward in the patients in whom it was measured.
The primary endpoint of the trial is to demonstrate the impact of Vasogen's immune modulation therapy on maximal treadmill walking distance (absolute claudication distance, ACD), the endpoint recognized by the FDA for approving new PAD treatments.