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By rediscovering classical qualities of proportion, balance, peacefulness, objectivity, and noble simplicity, and re-establishing them as the basis of artistic creation in the present, Busoni hoped to bring about lasting spiritual change and usher in an era of new Classicality.
Rather than being an argument for the revival of eighteenth-century treatments of texture, scoring, and form, Busoni's New Classicality reflected his conviction that composers should draw upon enduring qualities from past achievements while remaining free from the constraints of tradition.
Using the resources of agile satiric art, Defoe in early portions of Jure Divino mimics the classicality of Clarendon's book--its blandishments, generic ambition, and cultivated style--in order to subvert its aesthetic and intellectual authority.
Though Defoe had similarly announced "satyrs' in title-pages to earlier state poems, such as his True-Born Englishman (1701) and The Mock-Mourners (1702), learned readers may have perceived his subtitle here as an effort at highlighting the classicality of his satiric enterprise through orthographic quaintness.
This is the problem of classicality of macroscopic objects, to which decoherence theory, in particular the environment-induced decoherence, can provide an explanation.