classical pathway

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classical pathway

n. Immunology
The primary pathway in the innate immune system, consisting of the activation of complement by an antigen-antibody complex.

classical, classic

the first recognized form of the item; serving as a standard model or guide. See also classical conditioning, east coast fever.

classical conditioning
classical pathway
one of the two pathways of complement activation, initiated by antigen-antibody complexes and involving C1, C2 and C4. It leads to activation of C3 and the terminal pathway. See also alternate complement pathway.
classical swine fever
now the universally accepted name for hog cholera and different from African swine fever (ASF). A highly infectious disease of pigs caused by a pestivirus and characterized in its classical form by high fever, lassitude, purple discoloration of abdominal skin, conjunctivitis and nervous signs including circling, incoordination, tremor and convulsions. Most affected pigs die at 5 to 7 days with a characteristic petechiation under the kidney capsule—turkey egg kidney. There is a second form, characterized by nervous signs and caused by a strain of virus of lower virulence. Other syndromes caused by low virulence strains are reproductive inefficiency and congenital defects including myotonia congenita. Also known as congenital trembles.
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Analyzing interaction between genotypes and hemolytic activity in the classical pathway indicated that the homozygous GG genotype always had higher hemolytic activity than the heterozygous CG during the experiment (Figure 4).
All the active pectic polysaccharides used in this study have been suggested to show anti-complementary activity via activation of the complement system, mainly through the classical pathway (Yamada and Kiyohara, 1999).
It is not C1s of the classical pathway because C1 is effectively inactivated by the removal of calcium ions (40) and any C1s activated would be under the rigorous control of C1 inhibitor (41).
2] actions not only through the classical pathway but also via other alternative pathways that do not necessarily involve classical ERs (Nadal et al.
Eight plant extracts showed an inhibitory activity against the classical pathway of the complement system and ten plant extracts against the alternative pathway.
By selectively inhibiting MASP-2, OMS721 blocks the lectin pathway of the complement system while leaving intact the classical pathway, which represents the acquired immune response to infection.
By targeting only the lectin pathway and leaving the classical pathway intact, OMS721 should not have this increased infection risk.