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Mr Dykes, said: 'We are seeing a definite trend around the world towards tax authorities clamping down on transfer pricing.
Stop Clamping Down On The Great British Christmas, European Union
CAR insurers are clamping down on careless drivers who have their cars stolen because of their own forgetfulness.
As part of those reforms, officials are clamping down on one of the most commonly used excuses to get out of jury duty, financial hardship, said Superior Court spokesman Kyle Christopherson.
Dawson accused the whistler of missing incidents early in the game and then suddenly clamping down with a spate of seven bookings.
CHEAP THRILLS: It's a summertime ritual, waiting an hour or more, inching with ever growing anticipation toward the front of the line, then settling in and clamping down for a breathtakingly wild ride.
MISSION HILLS - Clamping down after a spate of gang violence, Los Angeles police sent a clear message along one of the San Fernando Valley's last fabled cruise boulevards.
But there are strong critics of the measure who contend that the bill won't succeed in clamping down on problem breeders.
The city General Services Department estimates it could save up to $2 million a year by clamping down on copier purchases and getting more departments to print on both sides of paper.