claims submission

claims sub·mis·sion

(klāmz sub-mĭ'shŭn)
Electronic or manual transmission of data to payers or clearinghouses.
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2010 All Survey 2010 Most Respondents Wired Claims status 68% 82% Contract performance data 48% 73% Electronic funds transfer 65% 81% Precertification 55% 71% Remittance advice 70% 84% Claims submission 80% 88% Note: Table made from bar graph.
a leader in enabling interoperable EDI transactions between health care payers and health care professionals, today announced that it has teamed with leading health service company CIGNA to help its health care professionals convert from paper to electronic claims submission.
The Web will be used for customer counseling, management, in-transit visibility and claims submission.
This is because the FDA anticipates that, even where Y2K problems in computer hardware, software, medical devices, office operations, Medicare claims submission systems and business partner systems were identified, corrected and tested for Y2K readiness before January, other unanticipated Y2K problems might develop and require correction.
Steps l and 2, claims submission and data entry, and the final step, processing the claim, are familiar to most employers as a standard claim payment sequence.
For Secure EDI, this means continually working to ensure that our claims submission and processing software solutions work faster, better and more accurate than anything on the market today.
By leveraging Claimsnet's expertise in electronic claims filing, we are now able to offer a state-of-the-art Internet claims submission solution that enhances payors' efficiency and reduces their operational expenses.
CIGNA will do claims administration for these networks via direct claims submission by providers.
Under the new pricing model, users of Legacy's AdminisTEP transaction exchange portal (TEP) will pay a single fee for an incoming claims submission and its outgoing claims payment.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Cross & Blue Shield United of Wisconsin (BC&BSU) has recognized Wisconsin health care providers with outstanding records of claims submission practices with its second annual Provider Awards of Excellence.
Howard University Hospital currently uses a Per-Se revenue cycle management software tool, ePREMIS(R), to automate its claims submission process.