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Principal volatile ingredient of lemon grass and citronella oil. Used in soap perfumes and as an insect repellent.
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Caryophyllene [beta] and citronellal of Lemon balm were affected by the treatments (Table 2).
Johns Hopkins researchers revealed how mosquitoes and other insects taste DEET - a man-made compound that's been the most widely used insect repellent for more than 50 years - and smell citronellal, a commonly used botanical repellant.
One group of rats (Group CIT-CONT) was exposed to 132 [micro]l citronellal that was reapplied after every 4 subjects.
The aldehydes cis + trans citral displayed moderate activity against the test microorganisms while citronellal was only active against B.
The control group had 132 [[micro]liter] of citronellal (citronella), reapplied after every 4 subjects.
In preliminary lab studies, the most potent have been clove oil and citronellal, which is derived from sources such as lemons and lemon grass and is the active ingredient in the citronella candles common around summer picnic tables.
Antinociceptive activity of citronellal in formalin-, capsaicinand glutamate-induced orofacial pain in rodents and its action on nerve excitability.
Classes of oil components in various fertilizer treatments revealed that oxygenated monoterpenes (rosefuran, linalool, citronellal, isogeranial, rosefuran epoxide, neral, geranial, methyl geranate, geranyl acetate) constituted the highest level of components (73.
Keywords: Anti-Candida Mono-Terpenoids Linalool Citral Citronellal Linalyl acetate Eugenol Benzyl benzoate
Authenticity control of essential oils containing citronellal and citral by chiral and stable-isotope gas-chromatographic analysis.
Among the aldehydes, cinnamaldehyde showed the best trypanocidal activity followed by citronellal and myrtenal.