ambient cistern

(redirected from cisterna ambiens)

am·bi·ent cis·tern

a cistern located on the lateral aspect of the midbrain and dorsally continuous with the quadrigeminal cistern; the ambient cistern is sometimes defined as including the quadrigeminal cistern.
Synonym(s): cisterna ambiens [TA]
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Localizaciones intracraneales de lipomas y quistes epidermoides Lipomas Quistes epidermoides Cisterna pericallosa (> 50%) Intradurales Cisterna ambiens y Angulo ponto-cerebeloso cuadrigeminal (20--25%) Cisterna pontocerebelosa (9%) Region paraselar Cisura de Silvio (5%) Cuadrigeminal Infrecuente: Hemisferios Infrecuente: Cisura de Silvio, cerebrales cuerpo calloso, quiasmatico, ventricular o talamico