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Immunostaining for both markers was detected in the nucleus of muscle cells and circumjacent areas.
His detailed map of "Shegnecto [Chignecto] Bay and the Circumjacent Country" produced in the same year shows the "Coal Cliffs" (Fig.
From circumjacent hillsides, untiring summer hangs perpetually in terraces of vivid verdure; and, embossed with old mosses, convent and castle nestle in valley and glen.
Giving the United Nations ultimate jurisdiction over the so-called "global commons"--which includes most prominently the oceans but is also intended to mean the atmosphere, the electromagnetic spectrum, and even circumjacent outer space--is a very high priority item for the internationalist set.
The appearance of the circumjacent country had been preparing me for the change of scene, which was to greet me, when I reached the coast.
3) in the Z stanza, arzunite should be arzrunite; (4) in the M stanza, there is no MJ bigram ("might place the circumjacent gymkhana firmly in the community column .