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The initiative offers programmes to improve knowledge on haemophilia and allied bleeding disorders among patients, families, medical staff as well as circumcisers in Kenya.
Thorns "In Africa it is big business and female circumcisers travel from village to village and do groups of seven or eight girls at a time, while they are held down by family members.
Medical experts, traditional circumcisers, and women who had undergone FGM/C testified to the scholars, many of whom had little understanding of the practice.
In Benin, INTACT, a German group against FGM provided circumcisers with alternate means of making a living.
However, in May 2007, 18 female circumcisers agreed to abandon the practice in a highly publicized ceremony attended by the Health Minister as part of an NGO-led campaign against female genital mutilation (FGM).
Rabbi Don Rob/show ot the onnuol meeting of the Notionol Organizaton of American Mohalim, the trade group of Jewish ritual circumcisers (Chicago Tribune, Nov.
Interviews were conducted with boys undergoing circumcision, adult Meru men, traditional circumcisers, and hospital staff carrying out circumcision.
Because of the dearth of Jewish educators and religious leaders, the JDC organized programs that trained rabbis and cantors, kosher butchers, ritual circumcisers, and other Jewish religious functionaries.
They are then gathered together for a blessing from a traditional elder who prays that God and the spirits of the dead guide the whole ceremony by making the hands of the circumcisers "light" so that they will carry out their work effectively.
112) Circumcisers not only make their livelihood, but also maintain social status, by continuing traditional practices.
Interviewees range from internationally recognized political activists like Awa Thiam of Senegal, to survivors of mutilation (or circumcision - depending on vantage point), to the circumcisers themselves.