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(sĭr′kū-lar) [L. circularis]
1. Shaped like a circle.
2. Recurrent.

Patient discussion about circular

Q. Can you treat urinary incontinence by only making exercise of circular muscles? I heard the exercise help but dont know if it is enough by itself.

A. This technique you have mentioned is called "bio-feedback" and it helps many people with urinary incontinence, by raising your awareness to muscles in your body you don't usually pay attention to, thus making you able to control them better. I do not think this is an only way to treat incontinence, however with the addition of the proper medications you can find this very helpful.

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The Circulars fourth annual awards ceremony showcased advances from the private and public sectors as well as civil society that drive innovation and growth while reducing dependence on scarce natural resources.
Sure, it's good to consistently reach customers across multiple channels, and if it reduces the number of printed circulars, there's an obvious cost savings.
The two circulars were published in a national broadsheet on Feb.
The company, which is a provider of business solutions to buyers and sellers across the consumer packaged goods sector, tracks every version of those retailers' circulars, as well as online-only offers, e-mails to loyalty card-holders, freestanding inserts, in-store coupon books and promotions made via social media, notably Facebook and Twitter.
For more information on how to take your circulars to the next level, turn to Page 34.
PSI's annual "Guidelines for Paper Stock" circular, which is included in the overall ISRI "Scrap Specifications Circular," is a document that presents definitions for various grade standards, in addition to outlining acceptable practices.
The circulars generated for this campaign represents the largest amount of inserts Carpet One has produced for distribution.
An organizationwide audit starts with the audit of the entity's financial statements--all additional grant-related audit requirements of the OMB circulars build on this audit.
Both circulars require the use of Government Auditing Standards (Commonly referred to as the Yellow Book) and the review of internal control.
By leveraging Specific Media's Dynamic Circular platform, advertisers deliver tailored ads quickly and easily to maximize the efficiency of retail circulars and improve ROI.
The World Economic Forums Community of Young Global Leaders, in collaboration with Accenture, has awarded the Circulars at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters.
Circulars offer value to customers, saving them money and building loyalty.