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See circle.


(sĭr′kū-lar) [L. circularis]
1. Shaped like a circle.
2. Recurrent.

Patient discussion about circular

Q. Can you treat urinary incontinence by only making exercise of circular muscles? I heard the exercise help but dont know if it is enough by itself.

A. This technique you have mentioned is called "bio-feedback" and it helps many people with urinary incontinence, by raising your awareness to muscles in your body you don't usually pay attention to, thus making you able to control them better. I do not think this is an only way to treat incontinence, however with the addition of the proper medications you can find this very helpful.

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DLL gains recognition for enabling the shift to the circular economy through financial solutions
Also, Simon says the Chinese government has requested that the scrap circular be published in Chinese to help clarify the grades being shipped to China.
The volume of circulars, timed to coordinate with our radio, television and print advertisements, will help our members stores increase their business, in some cases, doubling sales.
All additional grant-related program-specific requirements of the OMB circulars build on the program financial statement audit.
The Specific Media Dynamic Circular platform gives retailers who are already doing print circulars another means of reaching consumers and driving traffic into brick-and-mortar stores," said David Jakubowski, senior vice president, Specific Media.
Shoppers use a multitude of digital circulars to plan their trips resulting in consumers visiting stores they do not usually frequent
In comparison, 21 percent of Movers and Shapers research by circular online and then purchase at store
Shopko partnered with Wishabi, a leading digital circular platform and service provider for retailers, to advance Shopko's online advertising initiatives.
Nevertheless, Loeb Partners will not object to the MOSAID approach, provided MOSAID intends to conduct the meeting in a manner consistent with the disclosure in its management information circular, including permitting shareholders who purchased shares of MOSAID after August 1, 2006 to vote at the meeting.
Members can access their circulars from anywhere that they can access their e-mail -- home, work, school, etc.
The final management information circular will be mailed to Trizec Canada shareholders.
In lowering the Company's expense structure this fiscal year, the number of advertising circulars will be reduced from 22 to 16 and all 7 coupon booklets will be dropped, including elimination of one of three advertising circulars and one coupon booklet in November.