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tr. & intr.v. cica·trized, cica·trizing, cica·trizes
To heal or become healed by the formation of scar tissue.

cic′a·tri·za′tion (-trĭ-zā′shən) n.


Etymology: L, cicatrix, scar
to heal so as to form a scar.

Patient discussion about cicatrize

Q. except for for the scars, are there any more consequence to burns? 10 years ago i was burned in my face and right hand from boiling water. i was hospitalized and was treated with skin grafts from my thighs. In the last four weeks I feel a strange feeling in my scar. Its hard to describe the exact feeling but it kind of a painful lump inside my flesh. 10 years After that accident can it be that my body is still not over this injury?

A. burn scars have 3 optional ways of evolving.
a) nothing happens - shouldn't hurt at all (this is by far the most common situation)
b) nerve trapping (which happened to me. Its usually begins months after the burn and not years. and you dont have a lump)
c) skin cancer from the scar. this is a rare syndrome but you must go to your GP do exclude it. its called marjolin ulcer.

Q. what should i do if i got burned from boiling water? how should i take care of my self? will i get a scar?

A. ooooOOOooo! i hope you are asking a hypothetic question... a friend wife of mine still got scars from a boiling water accident a few years back. anyway, here is a site that gives instructions on how to react after burns. boiling water is probably second degree burns:

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