churna (chōōrˑ·n),

n in Ayurveda, medicinal powders that are derived from plants and minerals.
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The National Coordination Body, representing government, civil society and private sector organisations, that recommended for establishment of marine protected areas in Pakistan and oversees the implementation of MFF Programme in Pakistan, has already identified Churna Island and Miani Hor as the two potential sites.
The authors thank Marc Churna, executive director of the Allegheny County Department of Human Services, and the hardworking staff members of the Allegheny County Children, Youth and Families agency for their assistance.
A golden spoon or the medicine called suvarna churna "gold powder" is used to nourish brain and intelligence.
2001, "Mineral content and microbial impurity of Triphala churna and its raw materials", Indian Drugs, 38(2), pp.
Later, especially during the last two centuries, opium became part of eight Ayurveda preparations: Karpua rasa, Ahiphenasava, Brihat Gangadhar churna, Markandeya churna, Dugdha vati, Grahanikapta rasa (Rasendra sara sangraha), Akrakaravadi churna (Sarangadhara) and Sambhunath rasa (Bhaishajya tantra).
Ayurvedic medicine practioners (Vaidyas) deliver Ayurvedic medicaments in two forms: churna (powder) and bhasm (ash).
The National Coordination Body recommended for establishment of marine protected areas in Pakistan and identified Churna Island and MianiHor as the two potential sites.
Amalaki Churna , Arjuna Churna ,,Ashwagnadha Churan Gokshura Churna,75 Haritaki Churna API 50 gm 50 gm x 7700
Previously there were two unconfirmed records of occurrence of this whale in Pakistan based on strandings at Sonmiani beach in December 1985 and dubious observations of a small school off Churna Island.
Tenders are invited for Provision of Service forBrihat Manjisthadi Kwatha Churna, Dashmula Kwath Churna, Dhanyapanchaka Kashayam Churna, , Gojihavadi Kashaya Churna, Pancha- valkala Kashaya Chaurna,Pathyadi Kwath (Shadanga) Churna,Punarnavadi Kwaath churna, , Pashanbhedadi Kjwath Churna,Rasnapancakam Kashayam Churna, Rasnasaptaka Kashaya Churna, , Varunadi Kwath Churna, Patoladi Kvatha Churna,PakanVasavaleha,