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A popular term modified by the health and life insurance industry to encompass the act of convincing of a consumer to buy more life insurance, with the promise that it would be paid for with built-up values on old policies
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Sixty-eight percent of respondents said replacing customers lost to churn is very or extremely challenging.
A 1922 ad claimed that the screen "enables the operator to make and wash the butter free of milk right in the churn without once removing the dasher.
In the case of Telenor, the company was trying to find out who to focus on to reduce churn.
Johan GE[micro]rsjE[micro], director of product management at Agama, said: "Proactively working to reduce churn rates by automatically identifying customers at risk, and of course the issues behind their problems, is a high-potential opportunity for all TV operators.
com where you'll also find the synopsis of Churn Book I of III.
The machine we use at the restaurant churns quite quickly so not many are formed, but it was expensive to buy and isn't a small piece of equipment.
Companies employ varying definitions of churn and also have widely differing policies to determine when to cut off inactive subscribers and to remove them from their reported subscriber base.
But the churn rate saw net new subscriber numbers fall to 183,000 in the traditionally strong Christmas period, down 15 per cent on 2005 and lower than analyst expectations of at least
Transferred to the churn, the cream is agitated, usually with the twist of a rod.
But most buyers also believe that the churn has its benefits, as long as there is enough time--and, again, two years is the ideal--to settle in and make a difference.
The NAA's first statistical analysis in 1996 showed that churn was significant.
The paper addresses two problems of the late 1990s: the retention of top talent in a tight labor market and the rapidly changing technology that caused firms to churn personnel in order to maintain up-to-date skills.