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chukka, chukker

a term used in polo; a polo match is divided into six chukkas of 7 minutes each.
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But eventually, Jindal Panther pipped Action Polo by 8 goals to 7 after Ricardo Nunes scored a golden goal in the second extra chukker.
Cuitino -- adjudged the best player of the tournament -- then scored his fourth and Mohammad Al Habtoor got the first of his two goals as Vista Jet Bombardier broke away to lead 5-2 in the third chukker.
Games are divided into two or four 10-minute chukkers.
The two teams were evenly matched through three of the chukkers, with Guevara keeping Julius Baer in the lead 4-3 at half-time.
Both the teams went all out in the final two chukkers and there were numerous tussles between the players in the middle of the ground.
The match will consist of three teams playing six chukkers and players will include Audi Polo Team members Wesley Ru, Marc Ganzi, Juan Bollini and Scott Devon.
The number of chukkers in a match depends on how many horses are available, but usually it's six.
Each match features two four-man teams riding in 7 1/2-minute chukkers.
All matches will be held over four chukkers of six minutes each.
The 20- goal tournament, to be played in six chukkers, will see players like Simran Shergill ( Jindal Panther), Abhimanyu Pathak ( Jindal Panther) and Argentine Gerardo Mazzini ( Elevation) displaying their skills with the mallet.
After the chukkers have been played and the sun goes down, the action continues all around South Beach with events, dinners and after parties.
To minimize stress on the ponies, chukkers (periods) are short; during a 4-minute break, players change mounts.