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chukka, chukker

a term used in polo; a polo match is divided into six chukkas of 7 minutes each.
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In the end it all came to a head in the last chukkar when Maj Gen Asfandyar Padauti scored a spectacular goal with the back hander taking Rawalpindi Zone's score to 5 A1/2 goals, just A1/2 goal ahead of Peshawar Zone and secured victory and 2013 title for this consistently high quality team.
In a critical third chukkar, Cavalry made the move and surged ahead for the first time in the match when Lt Colonel Tarun Sirohi cut the ball to 100 degrees to send it to the goalpost.
Many also complained of tiredness, generalized kamzori (weakness), chukkar (dizziness), and shortness of breath while working.