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Measurement of intervals of time.
[chrono- + G. metron, measure]
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One particular area in need of more research is the place of chronometry in assessing math-based LDs (MLD).
Altogether the OED lists and describes 81 nouns ending in "-metry," including such sciences as altimetry, chronometry, iconometry, morphometry, optometry, radiometry, seismometry, sociometry, stylometry, volumetry, and zoometry.
Such conceptualization has been described as abstract, timeless, and static - as though it is merely derivative - but in truth such chronometry marks stages in the ongoing life of spirit.
A problematic mythical beginning was established in 1964 for SIEF, and it initiates time measurement, "as a chronometry based on a secular, but seemingly also sacred, decimalism" (Kostlin, this issue, p.
It focuses on items described below CCTV, sound system, telephone, intercom, genephonie, passenger information, sales, Sagel, integration in technical areas, access control and intrusion, computer network access points, chronometry, radio, location Tramways.
Other features note that it was designed and manufactured domestically; industry-standard double chronometry per API 4.
There is much of both in this book, Stretching from Seidensticker's birth in the then isolated village of Castle Rock, Colorado, in 1921 (in fact, starting from before that date, since he traces some of his family's early history) to 1981, when he completed the full sexagenary cycle of traditional Chinese and Japanese chronometry.
Trying to understand reading and dyslexia: Mental chronometry, individual differences, cognitive neuroscience and the impact of instruction as converging sources of evidence.
Stuart Sherman's investigation into the significance of the new chronometry of the eighteenth century, embodied in more accurate clocks and watches that could measure not just the hours but the minutes and seconds, shows how this technology was concomitant with a new cultural conception of time which gradually became dominant as the century wore on, a form which was also woven into the narratives of the age.
Exclusive of introduction and conclusions, it contains 43 contributions of varying lengths in English (25), French (2) and Italian (16), arranged in eight thematic sections: 1, chronology and chronometry (six papers); 2, pre-Neolithic (three); 3, Neolithic (four); 4, chronological contributions from architecture and sculpture (eight); 5, Chalcolithic: developmental changes as chronological criteria (four); 6, Aegean chronology and Sardinia (seven); 7, Sardinia in the Mediterranean (nine); 8, Roman and after (two).
Mental chronometry and individual differences in cognitive processes: Common pitfalls and their solutions.
About IWCUnmistakeable originals of chronometry are the undisputed specialty of the IWC Schaffhausen watch factory in Schaffhausen, in north-east Switzerland since 1868 and "Engineered for men".