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Measurement of intervals of time.
[chrono- + G. metron, measure]
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Since we do have both directly and indirectly chronometrically dated sites in every period, these could be used as the primary and secondary anchors.
Use of the chronometrically dated sites allows us to create a baseline of what was being depicted at any given point in time.
Even the sites from the Gravettian that are stylistically dated are more likely to be accurate as their dates are derived from source sites that are directly or indirectly chronometrically dated themselves (see Figure 5), creating a better chain of evidence.
If, as proposed above, we relied only on chronometrically dated sites as anchor-points for stylistic dating then the temporal distribution of the incidence of image-type figure fluting would look quite different from that depicted in Figure 7.
alpha]] = 0 which is specific to any isotropic vector), [OMEGA] is the proper cyclic frequency of the photon, while d[sigma] is the three-dimensional chronometrically invariant (observable) spatial interval determined as d[[sigma].
2]--a chronometrically invariant expression of the condition d[s.
A chronometrically invariant criterion for gravitational inertial waves, formulated according to Zelmanov's idea, is:
3)] are chronometrically invariant and spatially invariant tensors, which have no more than first order derivatives of the wave functions [X.
The whole problem of representing Petrov's classification in chronometrically invariant form has been solved in [66].
Chronometrically invariant representation of Petrov classification of gravitational fields.