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n the arrangement of events in a time sequence, usually from the beginning to the end of an event.
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Native tree-ring chronologies from some Scottish medieval burghs, Medieval Archaeology 44: 201-16.
With year-by-year records for Irish and English oak growth back into the Mesolithic, we have the opportunity to interrogate the chronologies looking for aspects of the environmental background to human activity.
Dieter Eckstein, University of Hamburg, Germany, and Dr Tomasz Wazny, Academy of fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland, have kindly made their master chronologies available for this study.
Die Synchronisierung der minoischen Alt- und Neupalastzeit mit der agyptischen Chronologie.
On the basis of the data in the first two rows in table 2 one may conclude that of the four possible chronologies -1693, -1637, -1573, and -1517 (with calendar shifts smaller than standard deviations), the -1573 chronology provides the best fit to the Venus data (marked in table 2).
14]C accumulation were similar to those of the reference chronologies, confirming that carbon recorded in the vertebrae is conserved through time.
Long, climate-sensitive chronologies have therefore received special attention at sites with long-lived species, well-preserved sub-fossil wood, or both.
CaseMap replaces the legal pad, word-processed chronologies, and many other documents you may currently create for each case.
The team discovered strikingly similar growth-ring patterns in both chronologies, indicating that climate patterns 50,000 years ago resemble those of roughly the past 1,000 years, says Briffa.
Useful chronologies of texts, events, and people are included.
The text is divided into nine main categories: overview, chronology, detailed chronologies, E.