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n the arrangement of events in a time sequence, usually from the beginning to the end of an event.
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In Europe, Renaissance chronologers faced a particular challenge.
His gentle pretensions were tempered by his "remaining in London accompanying the players" from the age of twenty-one onward, perhaps less so by his profitable employment after 1613 writing Lord Mayor's shows and, beginning in 1620, as City Chronologer.
There is just the occasional minor niggle, which in such an enormous undertaking is probably inevitable: Lancashire does not appear to be aware, for instance, that Middleton's 'commission' to write entertainments in the early 1620s was not ad hoc but part of his formal role as city chronologer (liv).
33) The letter concludes with a postscript that notes tersely the withdrawal of 'the barbarous Court of Aldermen' of Jonson's pension as chronologer to the City of London.