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Chronobiological rhythms in onset of massive pulmonary embolism in Iranian population.
The disruption in chronobiological rhythms, the loss of one hour's sleep and the resulting sleep disturbance are the probable causes, they say.
Our method may raise objections, given that results could be influenced by chronobiological factors pertaining to diurnal variations in CrCl.
Comments: A chronobiological skin energizer that triggers cell metabolism by stimulating calcium release and enhancing the energy reserves.
Biology is represented with chronobiological and specific questions relating to mistletoe host trees.
Approaches to treating sleep/wake rhythm problems generally involve resetting the circadian clock using chronobiological approaches.
Attention should be paid to one very important feature of chronobiological research--the influence of variations of the geomagnetic field.
In part, this could reflect the customary practice of administering such tests in the morning; for chronobiological reasons, results are more closely linked to depression status when the test is administered late in the day, Dr.
At the same time, psychoactive drugs, such as antidepressants, also have chronobiological effects.
Indeed, experimental research demonstrates that when performing cognitively difficult tasks, students learn more and retain it better during their chronobiological highs rather than their lows.
In a landmark chronobiological study, two groups of workers in a potash mining and processing facility in Utah were compared.
Chronobiological Aspects of Food Intake Tuesday, March 31, 8:00-10:00 am This symposium will highlight emerging research in the area of circadian timing and its interplay with food intake, metabolism and energy balance.