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However in present study, in one case of chronic otitis externa drainage and cleaning of ear canal was impaired.
mirabilis in chronic otitis externa coincide with others authors [14, 17, 23, 25, 33], and Grono [19] expresses that Pseudomona had a high incidence in isolations around the different regions bringing forth a conclusion that this situation could be due to an increased virulence of this bacteria in tropical climates, this explaining the elevated frequency of this microorganism in the present research.
Microbiological diagnosis of chronic otitis externa in the dog.
The heaped-up appearance of the canal skin was clinically interpreted and treated as bilateral chronic otitis externa.
Recalcitrant chronic otitis externa should redirect the physician to consider noninfectious etiologies.
Recommended surgical technique for treatment of chronic otitis externa is lateral ear canal ablation (Roth, 1988).
It has been reported that otitis media is present in as many as 83% of dogs with chronic otitis externa (Cole et al.
4) Granulation tissue also develops in many cases of chronic otitis externa.
In a study of 13 patients with refractory chronic otitis externa, Stuck et al injected triamcinolone directly into the skin of the meatus.
Acute or chronic otitis externa is a condition for which the treatment is topical, involving both cleansing and medication.

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