chronic illness

chronic illness

any disorder that persists over a long period and affects physical, emotional, intellectual, vocational, social, or spiritual functioning.

Patient discussion about chronic illness

Q. What is a Chronic disease? Please explain what makes a disease be considered chronic?

A. If a disease lasts for a long time or for your life time, it's considered a chronic disease. A person with a chronic disease needs to manage it and treat it all the time.

Q. Is Diabetes type 2 a chronic disease? I have been diagnosed with Diabetes; does this mean I will always have it from now on?

A. I was a type 2 diabetic for 15 years. I had a gastric bypass, lost a ton of weight and no longer test as a diabetic. But, my doctors say "once a diabetic, always a diabetic." So the tendency is still there and must be addressed always. My problem is not evident but now I have kidney disease and it is attributed to diabetes with complications. Eat right, get exercise and lose weight. I hope you educe your numbers so you won't risk the complications. This is your best goal for now. Diabetes is being constantly researched, so the future looks bright and maybe a cure is on the horizon! Blessings!

Q. List 3 chronic diseases that can develop as the result of being overweight?

A. High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Type II Diabetes

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