chronic airway obstruction

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1. the act of blocking or clogging.
2. the state or condition of being clogged; see also atresia. Called also blockade, closure, and occlusion.
chronic airflow obstruction (chronic airway obstruction) name given to a group of disorders in which the upper or lower airways are chronically obstructed; it includes chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, pneumoconiosis, and any other type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
intestinal obstruction see intestinal obstruction.

chronic airway obstruction

a type of pulmonary disorder, such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis, in which the upper or lower airway is chronically obstructed. The patient, when at rest, breathes at a normal rate and may have prolongation of the expiratory phase with pursed-lip breathing. The patient may be barrelchested and have large supraclavicular fossae. During inspiration, the intercostal spaces retract, and accessory muscles are used.

chronic airway obstruction,

n a persistent or recurring condition that impedes normal breathing. See also disease, chronic obstructive airways.

Patient discussion about chronic airway obstruction

Q. Yoga for COPD? I was diagnosed with COPD two years ago, and so far I manage to keep on with my life, although I stopped my regular exercise. A friend of mine that also has COPD told me about yoga exercises for COPD patients- Does anyone here knows something about it?

A. Yoga can teach you how to breath properly, and is also a very good exercise. It's also very relaxing which is also good for you lung, and you can enjoy it. Just give it a try, but ask your physician first.

Q. (COPD)chronic obstructive pulmonary disease the main causes of?

A. Mainly smoking, although ambient air pollution and industrial exposure to dust have also been implicated as causes.

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HFCWO is a highly effective form of airway clearance therapy that has been used successfully for twenty years in disorders causing chronic airway obstruction.
The leading causes of smoking-related deaths are lung cancer, coronary heart disease, and chronic airway obstruction.

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