chromosomal deletion

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chro·mo·som·al de·le·tion

a microscopically evident loss of part of a chromosome.
See also: monosomy.

chro·mo·som·al de·le·tion

(krō'mŏ-sō'măl dĕ-lē'shŭn)
A microscopically evident loss of part of a chromosome.
See also: monosomy


emanating from or pertaining to chromosome.

chromosomal aberration
see chromosomal abnormality (below).
chromosomal abnormality
abnormal karyotype; abnormalities can be detected before birth by means of amniocentesis, or after birth, but many are probably never observed because they cause death and disposal of the fetus. The abnormalities are either of number, or of composition of the individual chromosomes. Monosomy and trisomy are examples of numerical abnormalities. Translocations are examples of abnormalities of structure where parts of one chromosome have been transferred to another. The cause of these abnormalities is not known. Their importance is that many of them are linked with structural or functional defects of the animal body. The best known ones in veterinary medicine are those that are related to infertility, e.g. translocation 1/29, translocation 27/29.
chromosomal analysis
fetal cells obtained by amniocentesis or lymphocytes from a blood sample can be cultured in the laboratory until they divide. Cell division is arrested in mid-metaphase by the drug Colcemid, a derivative of colchicine. The chromosomes can be stained by one of several techniques that produce a distinct pattern of light and dark bands along the chromosomes, and each chromosome can be recognized by its size and banding pattern. The chromosomal characteristics of an animal are referred to as its karyotype. This also refers to a photomicrograph of a cell nucleus that is cut apart and rearranged so that the individual chromosomes are in order and labeled. The autosomes are numbered roughly in order of decreasing length. The sex chromosomes are labeled X and Y. Karyotyping is useful in determining the presence of chromosome defects.
chromosomal banding
see banding (2).
chromosomal chimerism
see chimera.
chromosomal crossover
chromosomal deletion
in genetics, loss from a chromosome of genetic material.
chromosomal inversion
see inversion (2).
chromosomal linkage
see linkage (2).
chromosomal mapping
see genetic map.
chromosomal non-disjunction
failure of the chromatids or chromosomes to separate (disjoin) during meiosis.
chromosomal replication
chromosomal walking
a technique for identification and isolation of contiguous sequences of genomic DNA.
chromosomal X inactivation
only one of a pair of female (X) chromosomes in the one cell is active, the other is inactivated.
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It accepts data from Agilent feature extraction software and displays chromosomal deletions and amplifications and multiple zoom levels simultaneously.
Microarray based comparative genomic hybridisation (array-CGH) detects submicroscopic chromosomal deletions and duplications in patients with learning disability/mental retardation and dysmorphic features.
The company's proprietary Array CGH (Comparative Genome Hybridization) technology provides a high-resolution global view of the human genome, enabling researchers to identify the exact location of any chromosomal deletions and amplifications that can cause an increased risk of genetic disease.
Bogler, associate scientist at the Hermelin Center, and the cancer biologist driving this effort, chromosomal deletions of chromosome 1p and 19q correlate strongly with response to a range of therapies.
Zila has developed a proprietary DNA assay that evaluates chromosomal deletions by determining the loss of heterozygosity (LOH) of such biopsies.
ArrayCGH is a new screening tool for genetic research that provides high-resolution genome analysis technology to detect copy number variation, including segmented chromosomal deletions and duplications without actually looking at chromosomes.