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, chromat-chromato-chromo- (krōm, krō-mat', krō-mat'ō, krō'mō),
[G. chrōma]

chromo-, chrom-, chromat-, chromato-

prefix meaning "color": chromocrinia, chromocyte, chromotrichia.


, chromat- , chromato- , chromo-
Combining forms denoting color.
[G. chrōma]


, chromato-, chromo- [Gr. chrōma, stem chrōmat-, color]
Prefixes meaning color, pigment.
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pradzioje is Gotlando importuotas ir hidrotechniniu bei miesto statiniu statybose naudotas portlandcementis sudetimi nuo siuolaikinio portlandcemencio skiriasi nedaug--tik senosios cemento gamybos technologijos netobulumo nulemtu dideliu chromo kiekiu, pasitaikanciais kalkiniais intarpais ir del ilgalaikio salycio su juros vandeniu padidintu chloridu kiekiu.
The big treat was the retrospective, from a '58 gold chromo flex suit and a '66 knit ring-collared mini dress to a '68 bikini and a 2004 sweater cape, hot sailor pants and yellow tank.
The quality control is to have a chromo graphic analysis of the prepared solution to verify that the process has been completed successfully.
For contemporary art to erase itself under the gleaming chromo of a supposedly happy and innocent past -- in Berlin?
Russian Ballet' can hardly sink any lower than it does in offering us this clammy hallway chromo.
2 mi N Chromo (7313, 7317, 7320); 2 mi S Chromo (7311-2, 7314-6, 7318-9, 7321, 7323-33, 7335-6); 2 mi S, 0.
Atropine Drops 1%-5ml_ Aurochrome(Na Chromo Glycate 2% Eye Drops-5 Ml_ Betaxolol Eye Drops Q.
Kadmio, chromo, kobalto, vario, svino, mangano, nikelio ir cinko nustatymas ekstrahuojant dirvozemi karaliskuoju vandeniu.
Because they have only one X chromo some, boys born with the mutation usually die within weeks of birth.
68% off Chromo Inc[R] Android Touch Screen Tablet (Sale Price: $64.
Some tubs are fitted with a chromo therapy system (alternating colours) which accentuates the relaxing effects according to the properties of each colour.
The exhibit "Sun-Maid: Celebrating 100 Years of Fruit & Sunshine" will also feature two original paintings and a chromo lithograph created by renowned artist Norman Rockwell for Sun-Maid in the 1920s.