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Chromium deficiency is associated with impaired glucose tolerance, hyperglycemia and decreased insulin sensitivity.
Sugar can lead to chromium deficiency C* ovarian cancer C* an acidic digestive tract C* prostate cancer.
Chromium deficiency due to inadequate intake or excessive loss of chromium into the urine may be another factor affecting eye focusing ability that may be caused by excessive intake of supplemental sugar (Lane 1996).
Yet today, anywhere between 25-50% of the American population suffers from chromium deficiency.
He claimed that sugar can cause asthma, heart disease, tooth decay while it leads to chromium deficiency, cancer of the breast, ovaries, prostrate, and rectum.
Recent advances in the clinical and biochemical manifestation of chromium deficiency in human and animal nutrition.
Diabetes: High amounts of refined sugar increase diabetic retinopathy and a chromium deficiency.
It is possible to end up with a short-term chromium deficiency.
Although chromium deficiency is rarely found as a cause of illness, a recent report in Nutrition Research showed that dietary supplements of this trace element lowered the serum cholesterol of college-age athletes by an average of 14 percent.
Supplementation for chromium deficiency has been linked to improved blood glucose control.