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Christianizing Crimea is a well-written, solidly researched, and convincingly argued monograph.
There is no trace of Christianizing in the Similitudes.
Mullins, in the fifth year of his presidency at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Walter Rauschenbush, recent author of Christianizing the Social Order; John Sampey; a youthful William O.
And yet they have suffered neglect over the last two centuries or so, possibly because of their association with the colonizing and Christianizing dynasties for which they were written.
On the sofa, calmly sipping tea, sat a woman from an evangelical church that had been busy Christianizing the family.
In Christianizing Homer (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994) I argued that the Acts of Andrew once contained a visit to Hades that has completely disappeared from our manuscripts, perhaps because it taught reincarnation (94-95).
3), and one misses any discussion about the possible use by the translators of christianizing commentaries (such as that of Remigius of Auxerre).
Paxton, Christianizing Death: The Creation of a Ritual Process in Early Modern Europe (Ithaca, NY, 1990).
The result was mixed degrees of success in Christianizing and civilizing the Indians.