choriocapillary layer

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capillary lamina of choroid

the internal or deep portion of the choroidea of the eye, composed of a close capillary network.

capillary lamina of choroid

A network of capillaries separated from the retina by Bruch's membrane in the choroid, which join the capillaries of the ciliary processes near the ciliary body.

cho·ri·o·cap·il·la·ry lay·er

(kōr'ē-ō-kap'i-lar-ē lā'ĕr)
The internal layer of the choroidea of the eye, composed of a very close capillary network.
Synonym(s): lamina choroidocapillaris [TA] , choriocapillaris, entochoroidea, Ruysch membrane.


Frederik, Dutch anatomist, 1638-1731.
Ruysch membrane - the internal layer of the choroidea of the eye, composed of a very close capillary network. Synonym(s): choriocapillary layer
Ruysch muscle - the muscular tissue of the fundus of the uterus.
Ruysch tube - a minute tubular cavity opening in the nasal septum.
Ruysch veins - Synonym(s): Retzius veins
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