chondrodysplasia calcificans congenita

chon·dro·dys·pla·si·a cal·ci·f'i·cans con·gen·'i·ta

autosomal dominant inheritance characterized by asymmetric calcifications and dysplastic skeletal changes, less frequent occurrence of congenital cataracts and ichthyosis compared with other forms, and relatively good prognosis.

chon·dro·dys·pla·si·a cal·ci·fi·cans con·gen·i·ta

(kon'drō-dis-plā'zē-ă kal-sif'i-kanz kon-jen'i-tă)
A form of hereditary chondrodysplasia characterized by asymmetric calcifications, dysplastic skeletal changes, and relatively good prognosis.
Synonym(s): Conradi disease.
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