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Now, Elizabeth Whelan [of the industry-funded American Council on Science and Health] says the National Cholesterol Education Program calls a cholesterol between 200 and 240 "borderline" as if they're not sure if it's bad.
In women, it's a better predictor of heart disease risk than LDL, unless their total cholesterol is over 350 and their LDL is sky-high.
That is, unless their total cholesterol goes below 150 or their LDL cholesterol goes below 90.
A: It's idiotic to say that we shouldn't measure cholesterol in the elderly.
At least a half dozen intervention triils show that cholesterol and heart attack rates fall as readily in women as in men who are put on cholesterol-lowering diets or drugs.
Studies from China show that if your cholesterol is low, you won't get breast or colon cancer or diabetes either.

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