cholesterol cleft

cho·les·ter·ol cleft

a space caused by the dissolving out of cholesterol crystals in sections of tissue embedded in paraffin.
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d) 400x, a multinucleated giant cell with a cholesterol cleft (arrow); an early manifestation in the development of cholesterol granulomas.
Rupture may result in fibrosis, granulation tissue, hemorrhage, and cholesterol cleft formation or cholesterol granuloma.
These sections were studied for the presence of fibrosis, giant cells, granulomas, cholesterol clefts, acute inflammation, and association with adenocarcinomas.
Histopathology revealed that granulomatous tissue consisted of cholesterol clefts, lymphoplasmacellular infiltrates, marked hemosiderin deposits, and multinucleated foreign body giant cells around cholesterol clefts [Figure 1]e-[Figure 1]g.
The lumen contained eosinophilic homogenous hyalinized material with many cholesterol clefts and red blood cells.
Cholesterol clefts and foreign body type giant cell reaction was also noted.
Granulations, keratin flakes in crypts, cholesterol clefts and tonsillar cysts comprise less than 5% of histopathological findings and therefore should not be considered pathognomic of chronic tonsillitis.
Cholesterol clefts formed by cholesterol crystals were diffusely present within the fibrinoid material (Fig.
Cholesterol clefts and multinucleated giant cells may be seen, along with occasional calcifications.
Elements of bone, cartilage, cholesterol clefts and inflammatory cells were identified in a few places.
Numerous cholesterol clefts with associated multinucleated foreign body giant cells were also seen (Fig 5).
Intravascular cholesterol clefts as an incidental finding: cholesterol embolism or nots Am J Dermatopathol 2003; 25: 497-9.