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In males, choledocholithiasis was the most common benign cause of obstruction.
The authors of "Diagnosis and Management of Choledocholithiasis in the Golden age of Imaging Endoscopy and Laparoscopy" conclude that BDS management by ERCP often depends on the availability of instrumentation, personnel and skills.
In the cases when before the operation it was managed to get reliable information about bile-duct status or at having the suspicion on choledocholithiasis during the laparoscopic operation, it was performed the intra-operational cholangiography (totally 12 cases, 2.
Ofuji's papuloerythroderma following choledocholithiasis with secondary sepsis: complete resolution with surgery.
The most current hospitalization was related to choledocholithiasis, for which the patient underwent an endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).
One of these patients also had cholecystitis and choledocholithiasis.
Sludge ball, pseudolithiasis, cholelithiasis and choledocholithiasis from intrauterine life to 2 years: a 13-year follow-up.
TABLE 1 Causes of acute pancreatitis Cause Comment Choledocholithiasis with Together with alcohol abuse the most obstruction of the ampulla frequent cause of acute pancreatitis in of Vater by gallstones Western countries, female predominance.
2% respectively for choledocholithiasis, which correlates well with results obtained in other parts of the world.
Patients with acute gallstone pancreatitis who are strongly suspected to have common duct stones require rapid assessment for choledocholithiasis.
It covers development and function of the pancreas, bile duct and gallbladder, gallstones and gallbladder disorders, choledocholithiasis, bile duct injuries, ampullary disorders, infections of the biliary system, carcinoma, acute and chronic pancreatitis, ductal complications, solid tumors, cystic lesions, surgical approaches to pancreatic cancer and biliary tract surgery, imaging using endoscopic ultrasound, MRI and related imaging, and the role of the radiologist in pancreaticobiliary diseases.