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The epithelial cell that lines the bile ducts.
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Vascular endothelial growht factor stimulates rat cholangiocyte proliferation via an autocrine mechanism.
racemosa extract does not induce proliferation and apoptosis of cholangiocytes and hepatocytes.
Polycystic liver diseases: Congenital disorders of cholangiocyte signaling.
Addressing the hypothesis that XBP1 and ER stress may contribute to the molecular pathology of primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) via affecting cholangiocyte biology.
The book also addresses key issues that have arisen in the field in recent years, such as the physiological roles of hepatocytes, sinusoidal lining cells, activated macrophages (Kupffer cells), cholangiocytes, and stellate cells, and their modulation of the T cells, natural killer cells, and NKT cells.
Its cells, including hepatocytes and cholangiocytes, can divide and repopulate themselves.
Lab-dish tests were also carried out on cholangiocytes -- cells found in the lining of bile ducts -- taken from engineered mice.
MicroRNA-513 regulates B7-H1 translation and is involved in IFN-gamma-induced B7-H1 expression in cholangiocytes.
11) In the hepatic biliary system, CFTR is expressed in cholangiocytes and gall-bladder epithelial cells but not hepatocytes.
It appears to increase choleresis, with protection of cholangiocytes and hepatocytes.