chlorophyll b

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chlor·o·phyll b

(CH3 at 7 replaced by CHO in the chlorophyll structure), magnesium(II) pheophytinate b [(pheophytinato b) magnesium(II)]; the chlorophyll generally characteristic of higher plants (including the Chlorophyta, Euglenaphyta, and green algae). Absent in other types of algae.
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Thus, the use of the portable chlorophyll meter to determine the chlorophyll b content in the leaves of castor oil plants is not precise enough to allow its adoption in research activities.
The relationship between the chlorophyll readings from both portable meters and the contents of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b was more readily expressed with a quadratic model.
99 Significant probability levels of 5% and 1% *,**--insignificant ns--water stress A--Potassium P--cultivar B--interaction between water stress and cultivar AB Table 2: Mean comparison of physiological traits simple effects of mung bean cultivar grown (Average values of 2010 and 2011) Treatment chlorophyll a chlorophyll b Total (Irrigation) chlorophyll I1 0.
V Chlorophyll a Chlorophyll b Rate of content content grain filling Year ns ns ns Irrigation ** ** ns Y * I ns ns ns R * I 6 2 16 Nitrogen ** ** ** Year * Nitrogen ns ns ns N * I ** ** ns N * I * Y ns ns ns Ea 5 2 18 Split of nitrogen ** ** ns Y * S ns ns ns I * S ns ns ns Y * I * S ns ns ns N * S ns ns ns Y * N * S ns ns ns I * N * S ns ns ns Y * I * N * S ns ns ns Eb 3 1 10 S.