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(kī-rŏp′tər-ən) also


Any of various mammals of the order Chiroptera, having forelimbs modified as wings; a bat.

chi·rop′ter·an adj.
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In toto, they contribute to a better understanding of ecodistributional and zoogeographic patterns of the chiropteran fauna of Mexico.
Bats are also called chiropterans "Latin for winged hands.
1991), whereas partial sequences of the control region were generated using primers designed for chiropterans (e.
As with many chiropterans, there are limited data on the natural history and status of M.
Kartono 2003 Diversity, relative abundance, and conservation of chiropterans in Kayan Mentarang National Park, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Remains of eight orders of land mammals, including insectivores, chiropterans, a lagomorph, a large carnivore, rodents, horses, a prosynthetocerine, and a gomphothere, have been recovered.
However, the research revealed the existence of a bat that was naturally infected with Coccidioides posadasii and 2 other chiropterans with coccidioidal immunologic responses.
These records include two species previously not reported from Brazos County and a third species representing the first known record of chiropterans from Galveston Island, Galveston County, Texas.
A more definitive evaluation should include inter-site comparisons of the same species from distinct populations, or interspecific comparisons with other chiropterans from the same locality.