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member of the Chinchillidae family of the order Rodentia.

Chinchilla brevicaudata
called also short-tailed chinchilla.


1. small, South American rodent, valued for its silver-gray fur. Called also Chinchilla laniger.
2. a breed of cat; see chinchilla cat.
3. a breed of rabbit; see chinchilla rabbit.
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Chinchilla mixes are also available but they allow the chinchilla to select his favourite items and leave the rest - which may mean that he ends up with less than a balanced diet.
Reference values for selected ophthalmic diagnostic tests and clinical characteristics of chinchilla eyes (Chinchilla lanigera).
Provision of a biographical record of the members of the communes is a significant achievement both for Chinchilla district local history and for the study of communes.
We've talked about strengthening institutions, international issues--in particular about Costa Rica's effort to become more involved on the international economic stage," said Chinchilla.
chinchilla se encuentra documentada en Chile solo para las localidades de El Laco (23[grados] 44' S, 67[grados] 28' O) y Morro Negro, Volcan Llullaillaco (25[grados] 00' S, 69[grados] 45' O), Region de Antofagasta (Spotorno et al.
The Giant Chinchilla makes a good multipurpose breed, providing rich meat and quality furs.
Brisbane, Australia, Jan 11, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Linc Energy Limited (ASX:LNC) (PINK:LNCGY) advises that despite recent widespread flooding across Queensland, including the lower lying areas of Chinchilla (Queensland), Linc Energy and its staff in Chinchilla have managed to escape flood damage to the site and staff homes.
La chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera) es una especie de roedor que habitaba naturalmente en los Andes de Suramerica, a altitudes comprendidas entre 3.
Costa Rica's President Laura Chinchilla discussed her administration's plans for continuing growth and attracting new business.
When Laura Chinchilla is sworn in as Costa Rica's first female president May 8, one of the challenges she faces is defining the relationship between the state and the Catholic church.
COSTA RICA has inaugurated Laura Chinchilla as its first woman leader, replacing Nobel laureate Oscar Arias with his former vice president and protege.
La cercania entre Chinchilla y Arias es tal que no son pocos los que cuestionan la independencia que podria tener la nueva mandataria frente a su poderoso antecesor