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Explorer Ferdinand Magellan is credited with introducing chili peppers into Africa and Asia, continents that have since incorporated them into their cuisines and pharmacopeias.
For this chili pepper study, the researchers used these two traditional approaches but also considered historical languages, looking for the earliest linguistic evidence that a cultivated chili pepper existed.
Besides its medicinal benefits, the chili pepper is a nutritious addition to your diet.
People have used chili peppers to spice up their meals for centuries.
The visibility of the chili pepper makes it a particularly good product to think--and to teach--with.
In the past, I've talked about using creams made from chili peppers for arthritis and other pain.
Legendary for their texture and taste, chili peppers have long been a staple in Mexican, Latin, and South American cooking, as well as a favorite addition to many dishes native to the southwestern United States.
In the late 1990s, however, global competition threatened to completely steal the market for the state's cultural icon, the chili pepper.
The chili pepper (also spelled "chile" in many parts of the country) is the state's cultural icon.
For the vegetables: Combine celery, gingerroot, chili pepper and remaining short rib liquid in a separate saucepan and simmer for two minutes.
It's gone from being a specialty item to a common supermarket item," says Robb Walsh, editor in chief of Fort Worth-based Chili Pepper magazine.
But the bite of the chili pepper is easily avoided by wearing gloves - and don't bring the hot stuff into contact with other parts of your body, either.