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Halve chicory heads lengthways and divide two oranges into segments.
Follow Jane on Twitter @Jane_Lovett RECIPE CHICORY BLUE CHEESE AND WALNUT SALAD This delicious salad has a wonderful crisp, clean flavour and is very refreshing.
The parfait has become a salted chicory mousse and the vanilla rice pudding a vanilla cheesecake, the whole being topped with chicory glaze.
If our goal was to plant clover and chicory in the fall and have these plants provide early forage as spring temperatures increase, it may be necessary to do supplemental seeding to replace plants that were either grazed out during late fall and winter or killed by very low temperatures.
Divide the chicory leaves among 4 plates, top with the roasted beetroot and smoked duck, then scatter with the pomegranate seeds.
Place in a bowl with the finely shredded chicory and chopped coriander.
Chicory can be eaten raw or cooked: the leaves are excellent eaten fresh in a salad, tossed in a little vinaigrette, stir-fried and served as a vegetable side dish or simply as a dish on its own.
BENEO-Orafti, renowned for its inulin and oligofructose products derived from chicory, will have experts on stand to talk about the launch of the latest liquid organic fructo-oligosaccharide that gained the NOP certification for marketing in the US.
The Decaf Coffee & Chicory, in a green can, is a full-bodied roast offering the experience of New Orleans chicory with less caffeine.
Most chicory is produced in France, Belgium and Holland.
But if you force chicory, you can have fresh leaves in the winter, too.
The challenge was to make a dish using the salad vegetable chicory as an ingredient.