chi type

chi type (dzhē tīp),

n in Tibetan medicine, a unique psychosomatic set of characteristics; on a physical level, a chi-type person will have a tall, slender figure; weak muscle tone; slender, elongated neck; narrow, drooping shoulders; slim chest; flat, small abdomen; elongated arms and legs; diminutive, lean feet and hands; rather lengthy toes and fingers; dry, fine nails; dried out skin; noticeable veins; and dull skin tone. A thin layer of soft hair covers an elongated and small-sized head. On a psychological level, he or she may exude nervousness and anxiety. The mind is adaptable and always changing. New ideas, which develop easily with this particular individual, may not be carried out due to an inability to put into action or lack of resolve. The presence of nervous and neurologic conditions is common. This person is often diagnosed with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Typically, a person will have a compilation of all three types—chi, schara, and badahan. One or two of the types may be more prevalent than the other. See also schara type and badahan type.
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He exudes energy as he combines limbo dancing, body popping, aerobics, boxing and tai chi type moves.
But it's not just a chi chi types enjoying the surroundings, it seems anyone with a passion for all things James Bond will feel at home.