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chewing tobacco

A form of smokeless tobacco sold as a shredded product, in contrast to dipping tobacco in which the tobacco leaves are ground.

Health effects
Oral cancer; often disfiguring due to heroic surgery.


Chewing tobacco. See Smokeless tobacco.
References in classic literature ?
The workers chew them (they are useless unchewed) into the all-supporting, all-embracing Wax of the Hive.
Seems as if we'd have to chew scrap-wax for these pillars, after all," said a worker.
Two lessons, which would scarcely be called lessons, since both of them occurred within five minutes and each was not over half a minute in duration, sufficed to teach Michael that only on the floor of the room in the corner nearest the door could he chew chicken bones.
I can chew up any such milksoppy pup as that, and I will.
Which sentiment being a pretty hard morsel, and bearing something of the air of a paradox, we shall leave the reader to chew the cud upon it to the end of the chapter.
Lissen: some dam fine day heem get mad lak hell an' den heem chew dat Spitz all up an) spit heem out on de snow.
To chew and digest everything, however--that is the genuine swine-nature
As if anybody COULD eat dollar bills and not know it, Nancy, when they come to try to chew 'em
On board this steamboat, there were two young gentlemen, with shirt-collars reversed as usual, and armed with very big walking- sticks; who planted two seats in the middle of the deck, at a distance of some four paces apart; took out their tobacco-boxes; and sat down opposite each other, to chew.
May 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Healthy Delights, the leaders in confectionary nutritional products, is proud to launch five new products in GNC stores nationwide: Probiotic Chocolate Bites, Probiotic Greek Yogurt Bites, Turmeric Curcumin Chews, Magnesium Chews, and Cranberry Chews.
Forty-five volunteers (aged 18-45 years) were asked to attend 3 test sessions to eat pizza for lunch until comfortably full by chewing each portion of food either 100%, 150%, or 200% of their usual number of chews before swallowing.
Menomonie, WI, has added Soft Chews for Dogs to its PetsPrefer line.