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(1) A popular term for the practice by insurers of selling policies to those who do not need them, then dropping those who are insured when they do need the policies
(2) A highly colloquial term for the acceptance of patients based solely on their ability to pay—i.e., with insurance or cash—while turning away the indigent or poor
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If every member state were able to cherry-pick those parts of existing policies that they most like and opt out of those that they least like, the union in general and the single market in particular, would soon unravel" - EU president Herman Van Rompuy.
We revealed in January how Bolingbroke would cherry-pick pupils but not accept those from a council estate - a decision the school's fatcat backers were shamed into reversing.
With regards to the BBC probably cutting back on horseracing coverage, if they're not prepared to support the 'lesser' meetings I don't see why they should be allowed to cherry-pick the top ones.
Don't let anyone cherry-pick the best, though, because the remainder will be hard to sell.
No problem--the TV staff will throw open their closet doors so you can cherry-pick from a huge selection of silks and satins.
Through a deal with MTV, UPN will be able to cherry-pick top episodes out of the approximately 60 segs of "Deathmatch" that have been produced.
Said CCRL's Michael Markwick, a Vancouver lawyer: "The moment you grant the state the power to cherry-pick among religious beliefs, in the name of `Canadian values,' you cut at the roots of the tolerance and diversity we have come to cherish as a people.
Cllr Nick Small, the council's cabinet member for education and assistant mayor, said: "We're worried that schools could be forced down an academy route, that academy chains from outside of the city who know nothing about Liverpool could come in and cherry-pick schools.
To find musicians Alfonso worked her Rolodex, calling all over the country to cherry-pick great players who could fly in the week before the annual concerts--December 10-11 this year, and long soldout--and home thereafter.
The main dealers have to stock all the slow-selling models, but we cherry-pick the best selling cars like Ford Kas, Peugeot CCs, VW Golfs and Vauxhall Zafiras.