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The branch of therapeutics concerned with chemotherapy.


Medical history
A near-extinct synonym for antibiotic or anti-tuberculosis therapy.
The use of various agents, most of which are toxic to dividing cells, to induce tumour cell lysis; successful chemotherapy (CT) is a function of tumour responsiveness, which most predictably occurs in lymphoproliferative malignancy (e.g., leukaemia and lymphoma) and small cell (undifferentiated) carcinoma. Because CT is most effective against rapidly proliferating cells, collateral damage to dividing cells in skin and hair, bone marrow and the GI tract is common, resulting in reversible hair loss, myelosuppression, and nausea and vomiting. A late effect of CT, especially in paediatric leukaemia, is induction of a 2nd malignancy, which may be refractory to therapy.
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The goal is to enhance selectivity, efficacy, and safety of chemotherapeutic drug delivery," says Dr.
Since then the company has completed the first phase of its PDC chemotherapeutic preclinical proof of concept research, including in vitro evaluation of multiple conjugated paclitaxel analogs.
19-25) Local chemotherapeutics have been developed to augment traditional SRP.
This polymer technology results in a new chemical entity, designed to selectively deliver higher and potentially more effective levels of active chemotherapeutics to tumors.
Bone marrow injury is usually the limiting factor for [cancer] chemotherapeutics," says James O.
The company stated TRC102 (methoxyamine) is a novel, clinical-stage small molecule inhibitor of the DNA base excision repair pathway, which is a pathway that causes resistance to alkylating and antimetabolite chemotherapeutics.
The center of the book focuses on interventions in oncology and their relationship to DNA maintenance processes, including alkylating chemotherapeutics, MGMT, assessment of mismatch repair efficacy to predict the genesis or progression of cancer, and targeted base excision and nucleotide excision repair.
Despite the clear role of EZH2 in oncogenesis and therapy failure, not much is known about chemotherapeutics and chemopreventive agents that can suppress its expression and activity.
Indeed antifolates targeting vitamin B9 biosynthesis of the malarial parasites have been proven valuable chemotherapeutics for the treatment of malaria, one of the most devastating infectious diseases leading to nearly 250 million cases worldwide and about 1 million deaths annually.
Illustrated with b&w photos and diagnostic images, this pocket (5x8") reference for physicians, nurses, allied health care professionals, and students covers all aspects of gynecologic oncology, and includes a fold-out chart of characteristics of chemotherapeutics.