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A square of gauze fastened to a catheter passed through its center; used to retain a tampon packed around the catheter inserted into a wound, such as that resulting from a perineal resection.
[Fr. shirt]
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Chemise eventually finished 9th of 12 and the fine seems out of proportion.
3) Daily News reporter Brent Hopkins checks out a satin chemise at Frederick's of Hollywood in the Glendale Galleria on Friday.
Tout au long de leurs chapitres sur Hurston, Manganaro et Elliott ne cessent de reiterer le fait que la metaphore de la chemise appuie l'idee que la culture est mouvante, fluide et poreuse, bien plus une chose faite de << shreds and patches >> qu'une entite stable, fermee et circonscrite.
Above, Center: Simple yet classy sleeveless, collarless chemise has tucking around bodice and at hemline.
You never bring her chemise in reach of my sweet empty palms, author.
This |slinky short chemise is PS14 at BHS |Pencil us in.
L'etude prend en compte le prix d'un sandwich commande au titre du service de chambre, du nettoyage a sec d'une chemise, et des consommations du mini-bar: une bouteille d'eau, les amuse-bouches, une mini bouteille de vodka, et une canette de soda.
Appretee d'un mini-short en jean, d'un debardeur noir et d'une chemise a carreaux nouee autour de la taille, la jeune femme avait anticipe la presence des paparazzi en se planquant derriere ses lunettes de soleil.
The garments date back to the 1880s and include her silk undergarments, comprising a pair of silk bloomers and a chemise," the BBC quoted Charles Hanson, manager of Hanson's auctioneers in Etwall, as saying.
Prior to the management buyout, Perfection Uniforms was owned by Ancienne Chemise Inc and Claude Goulet.
Alyn Edwards, Glanaber, Llangadfan, Welshpool, Powys paid 3,000gns for Bailea Chemise, sired by Salomon and out of the Greensons Gigolo sired Bailea Nashini.
A chemise catches quick, and he was mad, I could see it in him, belief that she'd return as she was before, healthy and strong, from some place under the hillside, though to look at him here you'd never think he was anything but a space of silence.