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chemical symbol,

n a shorthand interpretation of an element, molecule, or a compound.
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18 In science, which hard metal, with the chemical symbol Co, is used in the preparation of magnetic alloys?
30 Cheltenham A white alkaline earth metal with the atomic number 88 and chemical symbol Ra, radium was discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie in 1898.
To enter, simply answer the following question: What is the chemical symbol for gold.
Each token has a depiction of a two-letter chemical symbol using the letters from "BRAINS".
Further footage showed a partially exploded canister with the chemical symbol for chlorine alongside Norinco's name.
On Sunday, activists from the "Syrian Revolution in Kfar Zeita" posted video footage and pictures of an unexploded canister with the chemical symbol for chlorine, Cl2, on its side which they said was found in the village.
Sb is the chemical symbol for which toxic metallic element?
The elements, recreated on a grand scale, consisted of a chemical symbol and atomic number printed on coloured banners to match the organisation of the Periodic Table.
Berlin, Feb 25 (ANI): Reports indicate that the heaviest recognized chemical element with the atomic number 112 has officially been named "Copernicium" and carries the chemical symbol "Cn".
I am as slow as a house" Veteran astronomer and cricket buff Sir Patrick Moore on his shortcomings as a fielder "I'm over the hump" TV presenter Jonathan Ross, referring to his recent suspension by the BBC "Knowing the chemical symbol for lead is of no use if you want to iron a blouse, or have sexual intercourse with a girl, or wire up a home cinema" Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson on education "I don't go to the beach.
O 2, written the same way as the chemical symbol for oxygen, will replace the Cellnet brand next year as well as becoming an international name for the group's mobile phones in Europe.
It appears that the name chosen, O2 (as in the chemical symbol for Oxygen), is already used by a shopping centre in Finchley owned by Burford PLC.

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