chemical purity

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chemical purity,

n the degree to which a substance is undiluted or unmixed with extraneous material, typically expressed as a percentage (%).
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The results show that the chemical purity of the produced ingots with respect to the investigated element corresponds to the requirements on the molybdenum (pure molybdenum, 99.
Diacid: adipic acid (AA, chemical purity grade) and phthalic anhydride (PA, chemical purity grade), diol: 1,4-butandiol (BDO, chemical purity grade), 1,6-hexandiol (HDO, chemical purity grade), and 1,10-decandiol (DDO, chemical purity grade) were provided by Sinopharm Group Chemical Reagent Co.
It offers a particle size of 30 him, low dust development, high adsorption capacity/fast uptake, easy separation from liquids and gases and high chemical purity.
Packaging boards based on CTMP combine the stiffness, runnability and high yield benefits of FBB with the chemical purity of SBS boards.
Because of its high chemical purity, D-0 meets the requirements of the law with respect to rubber applications in the food sector (BGA).
It also offers a low thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, high chemical purity and resistance to corrosion from molten metal and glass.
The committee is divided into a "Standing Committee" which prepares and adopts legislation, and an "Experts Committee" which discusses health hazards, environmental impact, chemical purity, etc.
Products are reported to have high chemical purity, whiteness, consistent particle size and an absence of abrasive impurities.
Researchers will analyze the sample for chemical purity and plutonium-238 content, then verify production efficiency models and determine whether adjustments need to be made before scaling up the process.
As a result, materials have a uniquely small crystallite size, improved nanoscale homogeneity, and enhanced phase and chemical purity.
This is surprising, since the synthetic clay is produced to a level of mineralogical and chemical purity unattainable by its natural counterparts.
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