chemical potential

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chem·i·cal po·ten·tial (μ),

a measure of how the Gibbs free energy of a phase depends on any change in the composition of that phase.

chem·i·cal po·ten·tial

(kem'i-kăl pŏ-ten'shăl)
A measurement of how the free energy of a phase depends on any change in the composition of that phase.
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i] denote the values of the chemical potential and the chemical potential in the standard state, respectively.
2] less the constant B'--the slope of the chemical potential with carbon number, which is a function of T only.
Bell (1995) considered the chemical potential of cobalt metal and promoted cobalt oxides, and suggested that the promoters make it more difficult for reduction of cobalt oxide to cobalt metal.
The intensive non-equilibrium variables of the undecomposed system, such as contact temperature and the dynamic chemical potentials, are defined by inequalities induced by the second law, now proving these well-known inequalities.
For the cases where there was no agreement between the experimental and predicted data, in the future we will substitute the Flory-Huggins-based chemical potential by the UNIFAC equilibrium model, to verify if such cases can be better predicted.
i] Chemical potential of component i Subscripts 1 Penetrant 1 2 Penetrant 2 3 Polymer d dispersion hb hydrogen-bonding p polar
ph] physical part of the compressibility factor Greek Symbols [alpha] EOS parameter [micro] chemical potential [micro].
1] is the chemical potential of small molecules in the polymer, [x.
The SL equation of state for the binary mixture can be used for calculating the chemical potential of C[O.
Mathematical Expression Omitted] = Chemical potential of a pure component i, J/kmol.
i] = Chemical potential change upon mixing for component i, J/kmol.

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