chemical indicator

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chemical indicator

1 a commercially prepared device that monitors all or part of the physical conditions of the sterilization cycle. It usually consists of a sensitive ink dye that changes color under certain conditions.
2 a compound added to a reaction system to show, typically by a change in color, when the process is complete, as in an acid-base titration.

chem·i·cal in·di·ca·tor

(kemi-kăl indi-kā-tŏr)
A color change or appearance of a mark indicating that a chemical reaction has occurred.
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The 3M Attest Rapid Readout Biological Indicator (Bl) System, the 3M Comply Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator Tape 1 228 and the 3M Comply Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Indicator 1 248 make up a comprehensive vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VH202) sterilization process monitoring package that helps streamline workflow and makes every load monitoring increasingly possible.
7) Chemical indicators are to be placed inside each package, and if it cannot be seen from the outside, an exterior chemical indicator is also placed on the outside of the package.
1-3,5,6) External indicators, such as chemical indicator tape, are applied to the outside of a package and the indicator changes color rapidly when a specific parameter is reached.
Swinney and colleague Qi Ouyang then used this apparatus to demonstrate how adjusting the temperature or concentration of one or more of the reacting chemicals could abruptly produce a distinctive, stationary pattern of concentrations - made visible by a chemical indicator, which changes color in the presence of certain substances.
LGI manufactures clean room labels, product identification and bar code labels, high temperature labels, cryogenic and chemical indicator labels, front panel overlays, membrane switches, die cut parts, ESD/RFI/EMI insulators and shields, thermal molded and film insert molded 3D parts, regulatory compliant labels (UL, CSA, RoHS, WEEE), and tamper, temperature and moisture indicating labels.
An internal chemical indicator should be placed in every sterilization package to ensure the sterilization agent has penetrated the packaging material and actually reached the instruments inside.
System 1E received regulatory clearance for sale in April 2010, but Steris did not immediately ship the product because it was waiting for FDA approval of two accessory parts: a chemical indicator and a biologic indicator.
1,3) An internal chemical indicator should be placed in every package, and an external chemical indicator (chemical indicator tape) should be used when the internal indicator cannot- be seen from outside the package.
Cassettes (cartridges) with sterilizing agent, thermo-solderable rolls with chemical indicator, chemical indicator strips, thermal paper for printer, thermo-solderable rolls with chemical indicator

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