chemical hygiene plan

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chem·i·cal hy·giene plan

(kem'i-kăl hī'jēn plan)
All safety procedures, special precautions, and emergency procedures used when working with chemicals. All personnel involved must receive training in the particulars of the plan.
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Training in waste management can be combined with that of chemical hygiene plans, control of bloodborne disease, or the Federal Hazard Communication Standard.
31, 1991, all labs must have a written chemical hygiene plan (CHP) in place.
A chemical hygiene plan is a program developed and implemented by the employer.
Once you have pulled existing information together and indentified the rest, you'll be well on your way to developing a chemical hygiene plan that will meet OSHA requirements and take your laboratory one step closer to total safety.
2) Development and implementation of a chemical hygiene plan that spells out procedures and practices to protect lab workers from toxic substances.
Appointment of a chemical hygiene officer and, possibly, a chemical hygiene committee to implement/oversee the chemical hygiene plan.
In no case, however, should both a PEL and a STEL be imposed because much of the flexibility of a focused chemical hygiene plan would be lost.
These are among the issues to be defined by the chemical hygiene plan.
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