chemical equivalent

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chemical equivalent

a drug or chemical containing similar amounts of the same ingredients as another drug or chemical.


1. of equal force, power, value, etc.
2. something that has equivalent properties.
3. chemical equivalent.

chemical equivalent
that weight in grams of a substance that will produce or react with 1 mole of hydrogen ion or 1 mole of electrons. Symbol Eq. The concentrations of electrolytes are often specified in milliequivalents per liter (mEq/l).
epilepsy equivalent
any disturbance, mental or physical, that may take the place of an epileptic seizure.
temperature equivalent
see Table 5.
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After the birth, fluctuations in a woman's hormone levels can deliver the chemical equivalent of a cold shower.
Not only is it just as effective as its chemical equivalent, but it can be grown inexpensively by farmers and the seeds simply processed into an organic pesticide.
Sovchem IPPD Pastilles are said to be a chemical equivalent to Santoflex IPPD, Flexzone 3-C, Vanox 3-C and Vulkanox 4010 NA.
The chemical equivalent of ten orgasms at once," swears a doctor.

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