chemical equation

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chem·i·cal e·qua·tion

an equation on one side of which are the reactants and on the other side of which are the products of a chemical reaction; the two halves may be separated by an equals sign or by arrows.
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This summary of airbag Chemistry, posted by Los Alamos National Laboratory, uses chemical equations to explain the reaction: www.
Students receive pointers and step-by-step assistance in navigating chemistry problems and concepts, from mastering the elements to balancing chemical equations.
It was quite a challenge going from someone with no scientific background whatsoever to understanding chemical equations and theoretical physics to a higher standard than A-level
Observe, describe, and quantify chemical reactions and the effect of atomic or molecular structure on the interaction of different materials, including the balancing of simple chemical equations.
You also have to be able to apply their complex chemical equations to your unique applications as well as end use of your product.
They can be used to demonstrate sentence structure in foreign languages; to construct and solve mathematical equations in maths, to demonstrate chemical equations and reactions in chemistry, to create timelines of events in history, or to label maps in geography.
The former British PM had a degree in chemistry and failed to realise that chemical equations do not apply to economics, which have significant social and human effects on the whole society.
I got to like the WordPerfect 7 equation editor because it could handle some chemical equations and also let me create in-line equations that flow with the text.
In the text the various presentations are accompanied by numerous chemical equations and illustrations.
The intense zone of energy causes high temperatures and pressures with sufficient energy to affect the equilibrium of chemical equations of molecules.
Devoid of overwhelming scientific jargon, chemical equations, and kinetics, this book simplifies details to provide quick instruction for plant operators on how to make more informed day-to-day process control decisions, how to troubleshoot confidently when SBR conditions become compromised, and how to act decisively when the problem is ultimately identified.
Publicon seamlessly incorporates intuitive math typesetting technology with additional templates for chemical equations, special characters, and symbols to produce publication-quality documents quickly and easily.

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